“Les doigts dans le nez !”

Written by Anthony Lucas, French teacher since 2007

French expression: les doigts dans le nez

Literal translation

“Fingers in the nose!”

English equivalence

“A piece of cake!”

Listen to the pronunciation

Explanation / Comment

Why having your fingers your nose would make a situation easy to handle?
Have you already tried it? Please don’t!!

When a French person uses the expression “Les doigts dans le nez”, it means that he would be able to do something even if he had his fingers stuck in his nose, that it is so easy that he doesn’t even need using his fingers to do it. Poetic, isn’t it?

Yes, French is definitely the language of love 


“Cuisiner une quiche est très facile, je peux le faire les doigts dans le nez !”

“Cooking a quiche is very easy, I can do it with my fingers in my nose!

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