About Online French Teacher

Online French Teacher is an online platform for learning French as a foreign language. It is a project led by Anthony Lucas since 2022. At the moment, Anthony is the only teacher. However, Online French Teacher has the ambition to become an online French as a Foreign Language school, bringing together several teachers working in the same direction: the development of online tools to support the learning of French.

Online French Teacher is a mature project, based on the experience of previous French as a Foreign Language schools in Hong Kong and Mexico since 2007.


Developing optimal conditions for online French language learning for teenagers and adults

I love teaching French to teenagers and adults, and it is only natural that my efforts are directed towards developing ways for this audience to progress as efficiently as possible.

I grew up watching computers and new technologies become more and more important in our daily lives. I have seen how over the years the Internet has become indispensable, with some bad sides of course, but also with an enormous potential for access to information and therefore to education. People who want to learn French as a foreign language nowadays find many applications and websites where they can practice and progress. It is also possible to meet teachers online.

It seems to me, however, that much more can be done, with the obvious aim of giving learners what they need to learn quickly and well.

OnlineFrenchTeacher mission


OnlineFrenchTeacher - vision

Becoming the #1 platform for online French learning and teaching

Yes, I know, I am thinking big 🙂 I am not lacking in ambition and I am aware that to reach this goal, a lot of effort will be needed, for many years. Don’t worry! I’m fired up and my roadmap is well laid out!

I am talking about becoming a reference in the learning AND teaching of French because I see that not only is there a lot that can be done to make students learn better, but there is also a lot of progress to be made so that teachers can flourish and enjoy teaching French online.

My vision is therefore that of a harmonious encounter for the sharing of French language and culture online, satisfying the needs of both those who impart knowledge and those who receive it.



Kindness is a powerful force that can truly transform learning French into a wonderful and rewarding experience. It creates a warm and nurturing environment where students feel supported and encouraged to excel.

By showing kindness, teachers send a clear message: “You are important, you are valued and you are allowed to make mistakes“. What a relief it is to eliminate the fear of making mistakes! This indulgence allows learners to take risks, explore new language skills and express themselves without inhibition.

It also creates a strong bond between teachers and learners. It fosters a sense of trust and mutual respect, which facilitates communication. When their teacher is caring, students are not only not afraid of making mistakes, they are not ashamed of not understanding. They feel free to “raise their hand” and simply ask for help. Kind teachers listen to the individual needs of learners and adapt to their learning pace, thus providing personalised support.

OnlineFrenchTeacher bienveillance
OnlineFrenchTeacher persévérance


Perseverance is an invaluable virtue when it comes to learning French as a foreign language. It is a quality that enables learners to overcome the difficulties, frustrations and moments of discouragement that are (unfortunately) inevitable.

The first steps may seem difficult, even disconcerting. Words seem strange, grammar rules seem elusive and sounds sound different in your ears. If your spirits take a hit, don’t panic. It is better to let this slight moment of doubt pass quietly and come back later with new energy: that of determination combined with patience.

Learning French takes time, patience and constant effort. You may feel that you are stagnating, that you are not progressing as quickly as you would like. But that’s where perseverance comes in. By staying focused on your goals, by committing yourself every day to improve, you will eventually see the fruits of your efforts.

Every word you learn, every sentence you form brings you a little closer to mastering this beautiful language. With perseverance as your faithful companion, you will overcome challenges, triumph over difficulties and flourish as a learner of French.


Two sides are needed for sharing to be possible. Inevitably, you have to share with someone else. And during French classes, the notion of sharing between students and teachers is of paramount importance. It is a deep bond that is forged between those who teach and those who learn, a precious exchange where each one brings his or her contribution.

The teachers, driven by an infectious passion for the French language, generously share their expertise and linguistic know-how. Their encouragement, advice and valuable explanations are there to guide the students on their way to mastering French. They give of themselves in every lesson because they believe in each learner and their potential.

For their part, the students bring their curiosity, their energy and their willingness to learn. They share their experiences, doubts and successes, creating a collective learning dynamic.

OnlineFrenchTeacher partage

Beyond language knowledge, the sharing between students and teachers nourishes emotions. The moments of laughter, complicity and amazement at the language discoveries strengthen bonds and create lasting memories. There is a deep human dimension that emerges, as sharing allows one to connect on a more personal level. Teachers become caring guides, mentors who accompany students on their journey. The students, in turn, find comfort, inspiration and renewed motivation through the relationships they build with their teachers.