Online Private French Lessons

How does it work?

I offer my students all the resources they need to learn French well and quickly. I adapt what I teach to the level and objectives of my students. In general, I mix oral and written comprehension and expression activities.

Through texts, audio documents, videos, newspaper articles, songs, a multitude of media, we study the concepts to be learned:

  • vocabulary
  • grammar and conjugation rules
  • pronunciation of words, sentences and expressions
  • cultural explanations necessary to understand the situations

We practice French through situations, exercises and games.

During the lessons, I write my explanations on my computer, like on a whiteboard. When the lesson is over, I record the pronunciation of all the French words. To revise efficiently and progress quickly, you can access these documents online, whenever you want, from your cell phone, your tablet or your computer.

Student having a private French lesson
French teacher in front of a whiteboard

All private French lessons include:

  • An appointment by videoconference via Zoom or Google Meet
  • A document containing the notes taken during the class on the virtual whiteboard
  • The audio recording of the notes taken during the class

All documents and lessons are available online 24/7.

What are the options after the trial class?

  • After your FREE 30-minute or 60-minute online French class, you can either:
  • keep on purchasing your private French lessons hour per hour on the booking calendar or
  • purchase a 10-hour bundle or a 20-hour bundle (and enjoy extra free hours of French class 🙂 )
  • The private French lessons can be booked between 1 month and 12 hours in advance.
  • The student is free to choose from the proposed slots for each of his or her classes.
  • Up to 24 hours before the start of the class, students can reschedule or cancel the class from their account.