Access all your French lessons on the French E-learning platform

What is the French E-learning platform?

The French E-learning platform is an online French language course for beginners. It is designed for anyone who wants to start learning the French language and culture, or simply review all the basics of the French language. This French course consists of a multitude of lessons and exercises which gradually guide the student towards understanding and mastering the French language at A1 level.

Exemple French E-learning platform - lesson page

The lessons are divided into the following categories: vocabulary, grammar, conjugation, pronunciation, culture and savoir-faire.

Who is the French E-learning A1 programme for?

The French E-learning A1 programme has been designed in accordance with the requirements of the official CEFR programme (The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment). This means that students following the French E-learning A1 programme will receive all the information they need to develop their language skills and will be able to sit official exams such as the DELF A1 with confidence.

This platform is for anyone who want to learn French from a solid base:

  • complete novices, people who have never studied French before
  • people who have studied French before but have forgotten and want to start again
  • people who need to learn French to immigrate to a French-speaking country
  • students of French who want to brush up on key concepts of the French language
  • people whose partner speaks French
  • people who work in a French company or who work with French-speaking colleagues or customers
  • people who love France and come here regularly on holiday

Whatever the student’s situation, this French e-learning platform is designed for people who want to make learning French a pleasure rather than a chore. 😊

What makes this French online course so unique and effective?

I’m going to give you 9 excellent reasons why you should join the French E-learning platform if you really want to improve your French.

1. The French E-learning platform has been designed and developed by an experienced native French teacher

This French E-learning platform was created by Anthony Lucas, a native French teacher who has taught French to hundreds of students of all ages, nationalities and levels.

In addition to his own experience as a learner of new languages (he is now bilingual in English and Spanish), all these contacts and different experiences have led him to an excellent understanding of the difficulties that learners of the French language can encounter, and of the most effective methods for assimilating this magnificent language.

Anthony Lucas Online French Tutor

So it was only natural that he wanted to share his knowledge and skills with as many people as possible through this E-learning platform.

2. The French E-learning platform teaches authentic modern French

Example French E-learning lesson

The vocabulary and examples chosen are the real words, expressions and sentences that the French use when they speak in this day and age.

The culture lessons give you a real immersion in French culture, so you can better understand the behaviour and lifestyle of people who speak French as their mother tongue.

The entire programme of the French e-learning platform has been designed to be useful, so that you learn French that you can use straight away in real-life situations.

3. The French e-learning platform is perfectly suited to preparing for the DELF A1 exam

If you’re looking on the internet for tools to prepare for the DELF A1 exam in French, then look no further, because the French E-learning platform is exactly what you need! The platform’s A1 level includes all the lessons and exercises you need to pass the DELF A1 exam with ease.

The French E-learning A1 programme has been designed in accordance with the requirements of the official CEFR programme (The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment). As a result, all grammar concepts, themes and skills are developed throughout the units and lessons.

4. The French e-learning platform provides thousands of opportunities to hear French

The oral part of the French language is certainly the most difficult, whether it’s speaking or understanding sounds that seem strange at first. This online French learning method has been specially created to give the student of French the best possible chance of mastering this skill.

In each lesson of each course unit, you can listen to the French pronunciation of everything written in French. What’s more, there are two versions of each audio: the pronunciation at normal speed and the pronunciation at slow speed so that you can hear all the sounds in the word or sentence more easily.

Example audios to practice French on the E-learning platform

5. The French e-learning platform focuses on knowledge acquisition, with hundreds of self-corrected exercises

It’s all very well to understand the theory of teaching. But there’s a real difference between understanding and being able to use your knowledge in a real situation. And this is especially true when it comes to learning a language!

That’s why exercises are included at the end of most lessons. They allow you to check whether you’ve understood the lesson properly, for example by practising grammar rules or using vocabulary correctly. There are also audio exercises to practise your listening skills.

6. The French e-learning platform is fun and makes you want to learn more

Who wants to go to a class when it’s boring?

There are many reasons to learn French. Maybe you’re learning French to get a promotion or a new job. Or it may be absolutely necessary to obtain a certain level of French for reasons of immigration to a French-speaking country. Or maybe you’re just learning French because you find the language very pretty and romantic. There are ONLY GOOD REASONS to learn French. And whatever the reason, you should enjoy learning. That’s the philosophy behind this method of learning French online.

Example fun style French E-learning platform

The French course has been designed to make students want to learn and discover the next lesson, using an entertaining style and amusing examples. Hopefully you’ll like it…

7. The French e-learning platform is available 24/7 from your phone, computer or tablet

There was a time when knowledge was not as easily shared as it is in the Internet age. Books will always be a stable and practical medium. But for many years now, it has been possible to create an online textbook, making it permanently accessible from any electronic device.

8. The French e-learning platform offers total flexibility in the way you learn French

The platform is organised in such a way that it is preferable to start with the first unit and continue in the established order. In fact, the progression has been designed so that the first lessons are the most basic, the most essential, and as you go along the difficulty increases.

It is therefore recommended that you follow the order of the lessons as closely as possible. For example, it makes sense to learn verb conjugation in the present tense (A1 level) before learning the future tense (A2 level).

However, this recommendation is by no means exhaustive, and E-learners are free to choose what they want to learn when they want. So it is also entirely possible to browse as you please, according to your mood at the time, guided by your curiosity.

It was decided that time would not be a constraint so that everyone could find their own pace of assimilation. So there is no time limit for reading a lesson or completing a unit. We all have different demands in life and so cannot all follow the same pace.

This platform is therefore just as suitable for those who are eager to learn and who get right into it from the start, spending hours on end with no time to spare, as it is for more moderate learners who reserve their learning time for specific periods of the week.

What’s more, you can read the lessons, listen to the audios and do the exercises as many times as you like.

9. The price of access to the French e-learning platform is totally reasonable