“C’est du chinois !”

Written by Anthony Lucas, French teacher since 2007

C'est du chinois

Literal translation

“It is Chinese!”

English equivalence

“It’s all Greek to me!”

Listen to the pronunciation

Explanation / Comment

This is absolutely not an insult to my dear Chinese friends! ❤️🇭🇰❤️

It is true that when you look at the Chinese characters, you have no clue about the meaning of this strange language… 😵‍💫

When you face a situation when you don’t understand at all what is being said, it’s time to pull out your secret weapon: the idiom “C’est du chinois !


🇫🇷 “Je ne comprends rien à ses explications sur la physique quantique … c’est du chinois !”

🇬🇧 “I can’t understand a word he says about quantum physics… it’s all in Greek!

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