Phrases de survie – Survival sentences

This is the first French lesson for beginners: kickstart your French journey with 20 must-know sentences. Listen to the mp3 and start speaking confidently now!

La politesse – Politeness

How to be polite in French? Learn the basics of courtesy and avoid being scorned, insulted or shot at by French people! 😜

La négation simple – Simple negation

How do you expect to survive in French if you cannot say no? Here are some explanations to create negative sentences in French.

Introduction sur les temps et les verbes – Introduction to tenses and verbs

Before learning how to conjugate the most useful verbs in French, let’s clarify some points about how conjugation generally works.

Salutations – Greetings

Master French Greetings: Learn essential phrases for polite conversations. Start your journey to fluent French communication today!

Ça va ? – How is it going?

Learn how to ask How are you in French. Start conversations like a native speaker to get off to a good start as a beginner student in French.