Phrases de survie – Survival sentences

These basic sentences will help you to survive in French, even though you don’t really speak French!

La politesse – Politeness

Don’t even try talking to a French person if you are not polite! This short lesson gives you the more-than-necessary tools to be respected in France.

La négation simple – Simple negation

How do you expect to survive in French if you cannot say no? Here are some explanations to create negative sentences in French.

Les temps et les verbes – Tenses and verbs

Before learning how to conjugate the most useful verbs in French, let’s clarify some points about how conjugation generally works.

Salutations – Greetings

How do you greet someone in France? Well it depends on many factors… Do you know the person? What time is it? A new science opens up for you!

Ça va ? – How is it going?

Let’s discover different ways of asking and answering how one is doing.
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